Put your wallet away! Here everything is free!
You can put yourself on the line or you can gain credits by giving your objects for rent or your spaces for hire. You invested a lot on them, let them reward you!

It is not a time bank. The services that each and every one of us can offer are so different and so various. It would be reductive to make them all worth an hour of your time, regardless their genre and values.

Assign the credits that you feel are more appropriate for the loan of your object or space, for your service, or to give an object for free. If you need a reference, just think of how much you will pay to do the same if you were outside of MixMax.

You can choose who to deal with: you will receive the booking request and it will be up to you to send the confirmation back, if and only if, you feel like it suits your needs. Do you want to be useful? Lend something, offer a service, or donate with zero credit! Every three positive feedbacks, MixMax will give you a 10-credit bonus.