Do you have something to offer, to lend, or do you have some time to donate?

You can be contacted by associations or individuals, and you can choose to whom you want to lend your objects, tools, spaces or services.

You can also donate what you do not need anymore to single individuals or associations: more room for you, better life for those you donated to.

Have a look at the dedicated space for associations… maybe they are already looking for someone like you, or they might need that very thing you keep in the garage stealing room for nothing.

Each and every one who will help both associations and private members will receive a 10-credit bonus every three received positive feedbacks… Because MixMax aims to improve our lives and rewards who is willing to take the challenge!

Publishing your post is very easy!
It only takes minutes.
There is only one template. It can be used for every kind of posts you need.

LOAN: insert the object or the space you are willing to lend and the number of credits that are requested for it (if you want, you can lend at no credit in order to favor other members – private members or associations, you can decide who to confirm – belonging to the community).

SERVICE: if you are skilled, you can offer your services and gain credits (if you are willing to help a private member or an association – you can decide who to confirm – you can offer your service at 0 credit).

YOU CAN KEEP IT: if you own something which you do not need anymore, you can donate it. Either at 0 credit or for an equivalent value that you will pick.

… if you are looking for something …

Search for it using the proper box in the homepage..

Get in contact with the offerers sending them a private message. You can make a deal on the loan and its methods.

Let us know how it goes: leave your feedback! It will be a very useful service for the whole community!

Remember! If you need, you can contact us 24/7 24 via e-mail: